Apple has released iOS 14.2 beta update for developers.

Apple has reportedly faced a lot of issues in the iOS 14 for iPhones after the release. However, the immediate release of iOS 14.1 did patch up almost all kinds of issues in the smartphone, with a few of them still remaining. Just hours after the update iOS 14.1 was released by Apple, they are now releasing the 14.2 update beta for developers. The beta update will be available to the developers via an over-the-air update in the Settings app. 

It might be possible that you will not see the update almost immediately, but you will be able to see it in a couple of hours. The new beta update brings a lot of improvements and optimization to iOS 14, such as revamped playing controls on the lock screen when you are playing music on your smartphone. Also, there will be new AirPlay 2 controls in the Control Center. Another major update will be the brand new Shazam toggle, which the user can access from the Control Center. 

The iOS 14.2 beta 4 update would bring a lot of changes, however, not all of the updates and changes are yet announced. One of the expected changes is the 10-bit HDR support in the Photos app and Intercom for HomePod. Since HomePod is a new device that is launched by Apple, we can see a lot of new features that will help to control the device. Apart from that expect a lot of new exciting things in your iPhone until the final update is released.


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