Google launches new beta feature of licensable image label and filter in Image search

Google has recently launched a new feature to its search engine. The new features are a “licensable” image label and filter in the image search section. The feature of the “licensable” badge is currently rolled out in beta. Google has also changed the usage rights in the search filter to let users search images with common licensed rights and other types of rights which allow them to modify and use the image. The feature was first tested in February this year, after working with the Center of the Picture Industry (CEPIC). Google has made valid points for the feature stating that the owners of the photo should get the credit for it and while anybody uses it. This kind of awareness is important among users. 

As per the official statement of Google, “For results where the publisher or image creator provided licensing information, we will display a ‘licensable’ badge over the image. When you select a badged image to view, we will show a link to the license details of the image, and if provided by the publisher, you’ll also find a link to where you can purchase or license the image“. The image provided by the company showcases the feature and the licensable tag as well. 

With this feature, the user can filter images only with licensing information. Users will also have the option to select “Creative Commons licenses” or “Commercial & other licenses” from the Usage Rights dropdown menu. The image might also have a link that would take them directly to the owners page for purchase of the image. The image owners can use or IPTC metadata formats to be eligible for the licensable badge. 

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