WhatsApp has started testing multi-device login features among many others.

We all know that WhatsApp has been working on a multi-device login for a long time now and users are waiting for the final version for the same. Facebook has recently confirmed that the testing of the new multi-device linking feature is almost complete, but this will not be the only feature that they will be adding to the list. There are a lot of other new features as well which will be introduced to the app and were in testing as well. A lot of information about the new features has been leaked by WABetaInfo, and as per him, a new “Linked Devices” feature has been spotted in the Beta version of the app that would be the multi-device support in WhatsApp. 

As per them, a user can link up to 4 different devices using this feature. All four devices will be using the same profile and will sync the content on all four using the cloud. Also, it would not be necessary for a person to keep all the four devices to use it simultaneously on any device. More features to the app would include the ability to see entire chat logs and chat history across devices. The connection between all the devices would be fully encrypted end-to-end to provide better security and privacy for the user. WhatsApp will also be adding a new Storage usage feature to better manage smartphone storage. 

With the new feature, the user will be able to filter the downloaded data from WhatsApp based on size, chats, and contacts. It also seems that once the data is synced across the devices and downloaded, users won’t need to have the internet to access the application. These are just a few of their features and all of them are under testing currently. You can use the same feature as well if you are enrolled in their beta testing app.

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