Google is changing the logo for Google Pay.

Google has been changing the UI experience for all its services in the last few months to give it a more refreshed and better look. In the same trend, the company has changed the logo for all its services, with the introduction of its standard colors that are used in the Google logo on the search engine. Now the company is all set to change the logo for their payment app Google Pay and it has been noticed in the new beta version. The new logo will be rolled out in the Indian market for Google Pay in the beta version. 

The app known as Tez before will have a different type of logo where the letter n and u are interlocking and are three dimensional. The details were given by, who cited an Indian user who found the new logo in the beta version and splash screen. The logo has been colored with the famous Google’s quad colors, red, blue, green, and yellow. The logo brings in a minimalistic aesthetic but does not specify in any way that it belongs to a payment app. 

YouTube video

Although this is only in the beta stage and could change in the final version. However, it does seem like it could probably be the final one and will be changed for users soon enough. In a similar event, Google has also changed the logo for Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Meet, Sheets, and a lot more in the last few months, which is a bigger part of the Google Workspace.

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