Google Photos to stop unlimited cloud storage from June 2021.

A few days back, XDA-developers made details about Google Photos public that some of the editing features will now be reserved for Google One users and will be paid. In the same trend, it seems that Google has started the transition from free Google Photos services to paid ones. In a recent announcement, Google has stopped offering free unlimited storage for Google Photos and will be offering storage on different price plans. The free unlimited storage for photos has been stopped by Google after five long years and will be offering storage at different prices from June 2021. 

As per the plan details, Google One is the subscription plan that you will have to go for, and to get 100GB of storage per month, you will have to pay Rs 130/month and for 200 of space, you will have to pay Rs 210/month. It might be a good offer for some and not for many as competitors like Apple and Microsoft have also been providing the same services almost at the same price. Apple is offering iCloud services where you can pay Rs 75/month for 50GB of storage, Rs 219/month for 200GB of storage. 

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Also, they provide Apple one services where the charges for the same are Rs 195/month and Rs 365/month, but it also includes other Apple services. Similarly, Microsoft offers 100GB of ONeDrive space at just Rs 140/month. The users will have multiple options to go for and select the drive storage for their photos as per their preference.

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