Google Pixel 5 users facing a battery indicator bug.

A while back Google introduced their all-new Google Pixel 5 smartphone which was supposed to be their best smartphone till not. The phone had a lot of positive reviews and a great response from Pixel fans. However, the phone now seems to have a bug that affects the battery indicator. As per the reported issue, the battery indicator on many Pixel 5 devices seems to get stuck and not change at all. This led to great confusion for users as they were unable to see the amount of battery that was left on the phone while using it. 

However, the issues have been acknowledged by Google after multiple users of Pixel 5 reported it. It seems that Google will soon be forwarding a patch that will fix the issue permanently. The bud made the battery indicator work in weird ways for users. As per one user of Pixel 5, the battery indicator took an hour after which it dropped from 100% to 99%. The bug made a lot of customers appreciate the battery backup of the Pixel 5 smartphone which could have been due to software optimization, but soon they found out that it was only due to a bug. 

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As per the statement from an expert on Google Forums, “The team is aware of this issue and a fix will be rolling out soon in a future Android update.  Your battery is charging, but the indicator may be stuck.  If you restart your phone and plug it into the charger again, the battery level should quickly rise to the correct level.”

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