A new update announced for Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, which fixes the battery performance issue.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has been one of the most popular Note devices launched by Samsung yet. However, the initial units did suffer from some problems that turned out to be irritating to customers. One such issue was battery endurance, where the device was unable to hold the power and got discharged even faster than it should be. Apart from this, there were many minor issues as well which seems to be resolved in the new October security patch by Samsung.

Apart from the regular update, the company has also published a new update in Germany for Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, which seems to resolve the issue with battery life. The new firmware build number is N98xxXXU1ATJ1. As per Samsung, it will resolve the issue of battery endurance for all the users who were not getting a good battery life from the device. Since it was not an issue with all the devices, it could have been a software glitch in some. Apart from the battery issue, the company has also stated that the update would bring major improvements to the camera app and dark mode.

The result would be visible through the naked eye and the image quality will not drastically increase. The update is currently only available in Germany but Samsung has assured that the same update will be made available to other countries in a few days. With this update, Samsung is trying to resolve some of the major issues that the users were facing in the device and were reported.


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