Google releasing a new update to improve Wear OS and add new features

Google has been working on Wear OS for a long time now and has been improving the OS with a lot of new optimizations and features. Google has recently confirmed that a new update for Wear OS will be releasing this fall, which will not only bring improved performance but will also add a new weather app. The new update is mainly about making things much faster for the user and increasing the experience value.

The update will make the functioning of the watch faster and will have more intuitive controls. The update will also bring many more shortcuts and access to more apps. The improvements have mainly been done in the CPU core, due to which the apps will open and process 20% faster than before. The new Wear OS will support the hardware from Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+. This chipset will be used for the very first time in the category and will surely provide a huge boost in the performance.

The update is not only meant to make the watch work much faster but also to add a new weather map that the company has been working on for so long. The app will not only provide a breakdown of the temperature based on different hours in a day but also provides weather update for you to plan ahead and provide weather alerts. There are a lot more things that are expected from Google in the coming future to wear OS, which will soon be launched.


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