Google has changed the Gmail logo but did not get the user’s reaction as expected.

Google has been revamping its logos for all types of online services lately. Now, they have finally changed the classic Gmail logo that we are so used to seeing. The logo has been changed after 7 long years. The older logo showed a letter symbol for the email services, but now the new logo is a letter M which has been made of four colors very specific to Google, which are blue, red, green, and a pop of yellow. However, not everyone has been able to make a change in the same way. 

A lot of emotions erupted from the users, who are missing the nostalgic logo of Gmail they were so used to seeing all these years. After the logo was changed, Google received many complaints related to the new logo where people preferred having the same old logo for Gmail. Few users also believe that the change has killed productivity while using Gmail, and some believe that the logo is one of the worst this year. As per Google, “It is minimalist and that Google has changed most of their logos over the years. Maybe it was about time.”. 

The last change in the Gmail logo happened in 2013 and over a period of seven years, users noticed a lot of changes in the logo of Google services, but not Gmail. The white envelope with red borders is still one of the best logos for Gmail as per some users. Users might not be happy with the change, but it has been done and it seems like users will slowly get used to the new look.

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