Google rolls out a new update for Wear OS users

When it comes to smartphones, Android is there by Google and when it comes to smartwatches, you have the Google Wear OS. Google has been constantly improving Wear OS and has been adding new features due to which it is one of the used operating systems on the smartwatches today. Now Google is going to add a new feature to the Wear OS wherein it changes the “No notifications” message to “Nothing to see here” or “All clear” or even “Check again later.” 

The users will be able to see the message when they swipe up to see the notifications and nothing is available for the time. The feature was spotted by some of the Wear OS users and the same was posted on Reddit. The new update also brings the changes in fonts where the current font Roboto has been changed to Google Sans along with the added character thickness and width, making visibility better. The change to Wear OS has been rolled out today and if you are already on the latest software then you do not need to check for updates. 

There is no update as to when all the Google Wear OS users will be able to see it globally, but it is expected that all the users will see the update and the changes in a few days. The new updates that are expected to come in Wear OS will bring more functionality through Android 11 sync up on the smartphones and new gesture support.

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