Android brings “Nearby Share” to compete with “AirDrop” on iPhone

Android gives some of the best features to its users on smartphones, and yet another feature is coming up on Android smartphones, which have been inspired by Apple iPhones. Those of you who have used an iPhone know about the AirDrop functionality, where two different iPhones can share the data in seconds, which would otherwise take a lot of time through any other means. Google has been testing the same feature in the name of Nearby Share.

The feature has been rolled out for all Android smartphones since yesterday, and you will soon be able to use it. The feature will be added to Pixel and select Samsung devices first, after which the feature will be rolled out to other phones globally. Google has confirmed that the feature of Nearby Share will soon be available on all Android smartphones in the next few weeks. The same feature has also been confirmed in the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.

The feature can easily be used from the Quick setting menu, where you can turn on the feature just like other features on the phone to accept or send the files. The user can send multiple types of files like images, docs, video links, etc. The Nearby Share app will provide the fastest speed for data transferring between Android phones. The device can be identified using the device name and your profile picture if added. The phone will be detected using the Device Visibility settings, and it can also be switched to hidden is required.

In case you are trying to receive a file through Nearby Share, you will get a notification on whether to accept the file. Once accepted, only then the file will start downloading, which can be viewed in the Downloads section on your phone. The feature seems to be great for file sharing between Android, which will remove any dependency on third-party apps.


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