Google Search brings the “Hum to Search” option to search for songs.

Google Voice search has been very useful at times when you are unable to type on the phone while driving or busy doing something else. The voice assistant feature lets you use the powerful Google Search engine and search anything through voice-enabled search. Google has now added a new feature to the Google search for mobile, where it can understand the humming, whistling, and singing to identify and search songs. The new feature is called “hum to search” and is triggered when you ask Google “What is this Song?”. 

This feature seems to be really great and useful in searching songs, especially when you do not remember the lyrics of the song but still remember the tone and music. Once you hum or sing a song in the search, the Google search will provide you with a search result that is based upon the percentage match score and the song that comes closest to your voice. As per Google, the machine learning algorithm transforms the audio into a number-based sequence and matches the same sequence to other melodies, and finds the closest one. 

They also tried and tested humming, whispering, and singing of various users on the features to make it close to accurate. The feature will further improve after the “hum to search” feature is used by more and more people. The feature is currently launched for both Android and iOS platforms and will be supporting more than 20 languages across the world. It would definitely make it easier for you to search for your regional songs.


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