New Microsoft Edge features to give Google Chrome users a good alternative.

Microsoft recently made an announcement a few weeks back that they will stop the support for Internet Explorer from next year, to make sure that people are transitioning onto Microsoft Edge. It will not only help the users to move on to the new browsing platform but also help Microsoft to improve the browsing experience and make the integrated services much better. Now Microsoft is adding a set of new features to the Microsoft Edge which is also going to give Chrome a run for its money. Microsoft Edge 85 packs some brilliant and new-age features for browsing, that could tempt some of the Chrome users as well. 

Ever since its launch, Microsoft Edge has been gaining popularity among the users and is on the number two position in terms of desktop browsing. There are many users on Google Chrome that are looking for an alternative to avoid using multiple Google services which are now a part of the Chrome browsing experience. Microsoft Edge is concentrating on those customers to provide a good alternative and has been adding a lot of new features over the past month. The new features bring in a lot of improvement especially for people who are working from home in the time pandemic. 

It would also help the people in the education sector and those who are managing school online. It would allow the users to collect, share, and organize the content you find across the web. Also, a feature called “Collections send to OneNote” allows the users to send Edge collections to One Note as well as Word and Excel. New features also allow the user to synchronize browser favorites and settings between Active Directory profiles. The company has also launched a family safety app to make sure that the kids can browse safety through Edge. 

It also blocks private browsing for children to help avoid access to mature content. The browser team has added PDF reader functionality built-in which makes it easier for students and employees to share content. Currently, the team is working on adding a whole lot of new feature sets to the browser which is going to make it a much better alternative to not only Chrome but any other browser in the market.


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