Google teases Pixel 4a, will be unveiled on August 3

The new Google Pixel 4a is one of the most highly anticipated mid-range phones from Google. However, the company did not release any past information related to the phone’s design or specifications. Google has now added a teaser page on their Facebook and Twitter account, which shows a phone design, without revealing any details about the design and the “lorem ipsum” text above.

The text is completely in Latin, with words like camera, Night Sight, bokeh, etc., when converted to English. The image does not reveal much about the handset except the block punch hole on the top left corner, which is supposed to be the front-facing camera. Google has also renamed the social account to “The Google RTing, Meme Loving, Info Sharing Stream”. 

Each word in the name is made out of colored boxes that hints towards the pixel launch. The link to the new Google Store landing page also hints on August 3rd, when the device will be revealed to the public. The company has made sure that most of the phone details remain hidden, so no information on the specs and features of the phone has been released so far.

However, users are also expecting that the issue of back popping out in the Pixel 4 series, is resolved in Pixel 4a. The issue started to come out a few weeks back, where the owners of Pixel 4 devices were complaining about the back popping out due to a swollen battery. Although Google did acknowledge the problem and the same seems well attended for the design of Pixel 4a.

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