Google Tez removed from the App Store.

Google Pay is one of the most popular payment apps in India and has been known to provide a secure payment platform. However, a few hours ago, the payment app was completely removed from the Apple App Store, raising a lot of questions in the mind of the users. Earlier known as Google Tez, was unlisted from the App Store and still remains unavailable. Due to the recent event with the App Store, where they have been removing a lot of different apps, as they were unable to follow the App Store policies, users thought of something similar might have happened with the app as well. 

However, Google clarified the app has been removed to fix some of the technical issues. Due to this, the customers who already have the app on their phones, might not be able to use it for making payments and receive a temporary payment failure message. The issue seems to be coming at the wrong time for Google Tez, as the Indian consumer has been spending a lot right now on the biggest e-commerce sale on Amazon and Flipkart. Also, the Android version of the app called Google Pay is working properly without any issues. 

As per their official statement, “The Google Pay iOS app will be briefly unavailable on the App Store; users will be able to see the new app update reappear shortly. A small number of Apple iOS users might experience persistent payment failures on their transactions. Our teams are working to fix it at the earliest. Meanwhile, affected users can reach out to Google Pay support through the app for help. We apologize for the inconvenience to our users,”.


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