Google brings Android 11 on TV, with performance and privacy changes.

Android 11 is about to release as it is almost ready and only going through final testing and a few performance tweaks before the release. Also, it seems that it will not only be the smartphones which will be upgraded to Android 11, but it will also be the Android TV. Android 11 has debuted on the Android TV platform just a couple of weeks after the latest Android version arrived for smartphones. The new Android 11 software for smartTV’s has been tailor-made with a lot of changes and adjustments. It is supposed to give a much smoother experience on the TV and reduce latency using the Auto Low Latency Mode as well as extended gamepad support. 

Google has also upgraded the Android TV Emulator to help developers easily test their apps for smart TVs. One of the major focuses for Android 11 OS in the smart TV is the Auto Low Latency Mode which was earlier only present in the smartphones but now is available to TV as well. The feature will help provide a smoother and better television performance for people who play games and videos on TV. This would also allow the developers to create much better and powerful programs and graphics in the future. 

Google has also added support for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and Steam controller to Android 11. The new OS also has an inattentive sleep feature where they can set a time after which the TV goes to sleep. The update has already been rolled out to the existing Android TV’s and will be made available to other parts of the world in a few days.


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