The COVID-19 alert system will now be updated to be used without any app.

During Pandemic, many companies rolled out apps on both iOS and Android that helped people to trace any contact nearby, which has been tested positive for CoronaVirus. Similar functionality was also offered by both Google and Apple in the past as well. These apps use GPS and Bluetooth to figure out if anyone close by is tested positive or having similar symptoms. In such cases, the app will either tell you to quarantine yourself or will help you with the details of the nearest testing station, where you can get tested for the virus. These apps have helped people by tracking a lot of cases around them and making them aware of their surroundings and the precautions they should take.

However, the only problem with the feature is that you need to install the app on your phone, and without it, there is no way of tracking people around you with the virus. Now Apple has made an announcement that they will be providing an update that would help use contact tracing without an app that will roll out to iPhones. The update will be rolled out globally on Tuesday after which the feature would not require the users to install any specific app. 

Google has also announced that a similar feature will also be added to Android smartphones in a limited manner in the coming months. The apps will still remain active in places where it is required by the public health agencies and departments for tracking, but they will also be able to use the feature without the app after the update. The feature is called Exposure Notifications Express, which will also be available in the coming months on Android. The feature does not require any installation, but Android users will be prompted to install a public health app generated by Google with the information provided by local health authorities

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