Halo: Master Chief Collection has been remastered and launched for Xbox Series X and S

When it comes to Xbox, one of the most popular exclusive series for them has been Halo, which has a huge fan base around the world. Now Microsoft has relaunched the entire Master Chief Collection for users who have purchased the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The entire collection has been specifically optimized for the next generation hardware and provides much more graphics and improvements in the game. The new enhancement to the game also includes 120fps gameplay on both the consoles and 4K resolution gameplay on the Xbox Series X. 

The Xbox series S will be capable of playing the game on 1080p. Players would need a compatible display to play the game on these settings. The gaming studio Developer 343 Industries will be providing similar games in an enhanced version and even new games in the coming year. The released version of Master Chief Collection is directly playable on the consoles and the users will not have to enable the enhancements for optimized content. Updates for the game will automatically appear based on the console type. 

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This seems to be a major advantage for Microsoft as many of the Playstation users have run into issues with that system playing the incorrect version of the software. This does seem like a great advantage for Xbox users as they will not be facing any kind of compatibility issues with the older versions of games that have been optimized for the next generation console. Apart from this, Halo 4 has also been added for PC users and will have 25 different maps for the multiplayer genre. 


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