How the User Experience of MacBook is better than Windows

When it comes to the user experience of the operating system, the two strongest contenders are Windows and macOS. There have been mixed reviews by people who prefer either of the operating systems, considering one to be better over others.

mac vs windows

However, when it comes to the overall comparison and the majority of opinion, MacBook is considered to have much easier usage and better usability than Windows devices. People have used both Windows and macOS to have preferred using a MacBook over a Windows laptop. Also, most of the business users around the world prefer using a MacBook, then a Windows laptop, when it comes to ease of usage and better shortcut & functionality.

Be it a normal user or a business user, MacOS is much easier to use when it comes to overall functionality. macOS is one of the best OS in the world as it provides the best of security features, along with easy to use features, attractive graphics, and perfect integration of Software and Hardware. Let’s look at some of the few reasons why using a MacBook provides a much better user experience than the Windows system.

Overall Experience

The overall experience of macOS is much smoother and easier to use than Windows. For example, the loading time of MacOS is less than half of what the Windows operating system provides. Not just the speed, but the way a user interacts with the operating system is also much more harmonious. macOS is clean, refined, stable, and has a lot of security and privacy features. macOS is much easier to navigate, and one can easily-open, install, and close an application without any issues. The windows operating systems are far slower than Mac and need a lot of work to raise their standards to what Mac has provided.

Perfect integration of Hardware and Software

mac vs windows hardware

It is one of the major advantages that Apple has over Microsoft while designing its operating system. Since Apple creates its hardware and software, they are integrated so that all the applications and software runs seamlessly, providing opportunities for the operating systems to add a lot more features. Also, since Apple has designed hardware and software, they work in perfect symphony, rarely giving any issue while using the operating system. It also allows the user to share the data between multiple Mac devices perfectly without even needing to sync them.

For example, if you are writing an email on the iPhone, you can close it and continue to write it on your MacBook. The operating systems have been built as an environment where multiple Apple devices can be used as one with the same id. Similarly, the glass trackpad is an excellent piece of functionality as it has a lot of shortcuts to use just by the use of multiple fingers.

Too many options

The windows operating system indeed comes in various configurations and technical specifications, not a standard set by Apple. Apple has a set of limited devices under MacBook at different price ranges. They have a specific offering for each price range, and the customer can purchase one as per their needs. In Windows, the different manufacturer provides different configurations at a different price, so there is no standard offering for the customer, making it confusing to select the right PC.

Build Quality

There is no doubt that MacBook has the best quality built when it comes to the segment. Nothing can be as beautiful as a MacBook as it created with a single sheet of Aluminum, rather than the plastic built that most of the Windows Laptop has. There is no denying the fact that the Macs are expensive, but the type of built quality one gets is far better than what one would get from a windows laptop. Also, the accessories provided by Apple are built with the same finesse and quality to make sure that customers get what they are paying for. Be it their laptop, screens, glass trackpad, chargers, cables, everything speaks of high quality.


windows vs macbook security

It is one of the biggest factors in a MacBook, which has made them what they are right now. Every year, they update their encryptions methods to save the user’s data from any hack and access. It helps to safeguard the user data on the iPhone and MacBook so that no one else can use it. The inbuilt Mac security protocols in the operating systems are more secure than Windows.


These are some of the major points that make a Mac much more user friendly and experience-rich than the Windows operating system. The only way to experience it is either buying a MacBook or using it for a few hours. It is for sure that once you use a MacBook, you will feel a slower experience on the windows operating system.

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