How to Make Your Old iPhone Faster?

There is no doubt that iPhones are one of the best mobile phones in the market. They represent the perfect combination of hardware and software for any mobile device. It is why the expectation and quality set by Steve Jobs are still making consumers buy an iPhone. iPhone is said to bring the latest technology in combination with the highest quality manufacturing and features.

However, the masterpiece is not without its flaws. One of the major concerns that users have with the iPhone is the drop in performance and speed. The problem usually occurs with the older version of iPhones, which are being used for more than 2-3 years. There are still users using old iPhone models such as iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.

For such users, the issue is prominent as the hardware is outdated, and Apple has shut down the support for many older devices. So, in this case, is it possible to retain an older iPhone’s speed and performance? With certain tips and tricks, it might be possible to bring these iPhones back to speed. These will not only work on the older version of the iPhones but also in the newer version, which faces a similar issue.

Delete the large and resource-hungry application

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It is something almost every iPhone user knows about. If the iPhone model is older, there is no need to run heavy applications on it. Since the applications are already updated to work on new hardware in an iPhone, it will stress the older versions. Due to this, the older version’s performance will significantly drop, leading to lag and higher loading times. Do not install very large applications.

Turn off animation

Animations have been one of the best features of an iPhone. However, if you have an old iPhone, it might slow down your phone’s performance by a lot. Therefore, the best option would be to turn off the transition animations and effects on an iPhone. It will reduce the load-up time and the transition time of the application during closing and opening. The same can also be noticed while opening any page on the phone.

Remove old photos and videos.

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It is probably the best way to ease up on the processing power of an iPhone. Remove the old photos, videos, and songs on the iPhone and move them to your laptop, external hard drive, or iCloud storage. Saving it on cloud storage would be a better option as it gives you access to the file almost immediately on demand.

Location services

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Most iPhone users do not know that location services keep running in the background for many applications. It reduces the battery life of the phone and takes up a lot of resources to run. Due to this, your phone may see a lot of lag while working on other applications.

To turn it off, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Turn it off.

You can turn the service on manually while using a specific application that requires information about your location. It will not only improve the performance but, most importantly, prevent battery drainage.

Factory Reset

It is one of the last methods that you should try to restore your phone to its original factory condition. It will remove all the data from your old iPhone but will guarantee to bring your phone back to the factory condition where the performance will be the same as the original phone had. Before doing so, please make sure to backup your data on either the iCloud or hard drive.


These are some of the ways through which one can improve the performance of their old iPhone. A few years back, Apple did claim that they provide updates for their older smartphones, which tends to make them slower to compensate for performance. Therefore, it is suggested not to download and install the latest updates on your very old iPhones like iPhone 5s or 6.

It would decrease the speed of your performance even further. Also, do not immediately install the update on the older phone. Wait for a few days and check the expert reviews of the update for the older phone. If it works fine, then you can install it or can wait if it does not.

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