Instagram adds new audio features to Instagram Reels.

Instagram has just added a lot of new features to its platform, especially to its existing feature of Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels was basically meant to be a replacement for all the users after the ban of TikTok. Reels was supposed to provide a similar kind of platform to the users where they can record a short clip and post it to their account. Instagram has been trying to make Reels the perfect alternative to TikTok and in the same efforts, they have added new features to it. The latest update brings three major changes to Reels and it’s about audio and making users engage in music-related trends. 

One of the new features is “Save Audio” which will give the users the ability to save sounds in the application and can be used in their own reels. It is the way through which users can create their own background music and later use it in Reels. Another feature is “Share Audio Pages“, which allows the users to share a collection of Reels that use a specific piece of audio via DM. Lastly, the feature called “Audio browser” will help the users to search for sounds and music, and the searched music can be clipped and used in the Reels.

YouTube video

With the new features in Reels, it could be seen that Instagram is highly focusing on the Audio aspect of the Reels feature. It is something that even TikTok was doing for its users, and it seems the same strategy has been used by Instagram to attract TikTok users.

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