Instagram Reels now have a standalone section, to replace the Explore tab.

Instagram has added new functionality to its platform which makes the features easy to access for the users. Instagram recently announced new features called reels which would act as an alternative to Tik-Tok, after it was banned in many countries. The feature was earlier brought into the Instagram platform as a feature, but now it comes as a dedicated section, which can be easily accessed in the app. The new design tweak on Instagram gives Reel features a standalone tab, which will replace the existing Explore section in the app. 

Now the new sections on the Instagram app are Home, Reels, Camera, Notifications, and the Profile sections. It will also have the search icon next to the Direct message option. The Reels section will allow the users to immediately access features like Live, Story, and Reels options and start posting media. The standalone section has been made on Instagram looking at the increasing use of this feature after the ban of Tik-Tok. The new design tweak has been launched in India and the same will be available on both the iOS and Android platforms. 

The feature will soon be tested in countries like Germany, France, and Spain as well. The feature was initially released in November 2019 for Brazil users only. But the feature started to gain popularity only after the ban on Chinese apps like Tik-Tok and many of its Chinese alternatives. One can now simply use the Reels sections and make different media on it.

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