Instagram’s new design is more focused on Shopping and Reels.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has recently been making a lot of changes to its app and have been adding a lot of new features to it as well. Now the company is launching an all-new revamped app for users and this time, it will not be the Insta stories or the post that will have the major focus. The newly revamped app will be more focused on the Instagram Reels which was provided as a similar feature to TikTok after its ban in India. 

The other focus point will be on shopping which will allow the users to increase their business through Instagram. In recent times, we have seen  Facebook focusing more on online business and related features. The same changes have also been noticed recently on WhatsApp where it has got an online shopping icon on the app It shows that the focus on certain features has increased in the Instagram app. It has a new home screen layout where the navigation and top bar shows the features that have been used most often by the users. 

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Additionally, the two most important buttons on the app are Create and Activity, have been removed and pushed to the top of the UI alongside the DM/Messenger buttons. Those buttons will now be replaced by the Shopping and Reels icon. Both the features have been a part of Instagram for some time and this new change will push these content consumption products over the traditional posts that Instagram built its foundation on for years.

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