iPhone 13 and iPhone SE production to go on a mass scale in India from February 2022

After the pandemic hit the entire world, companies were looking to shift their production plants from China and many companies have already done so. One of those companies was Apple, and they were planning to open a production plant in India where they could manufacture the new iPhone. Apple is already planning to launch the new iPhone SE next year and the company is most probably going to set up a production plant for the same in India.

The company is also looking forward to producing iPhone 13 smartphones in India as well. It is expected from the leaked details that the iPhone 13 production will start in India from February 2022 and it will be done in order to reduce the dependence on China. Reports suggest that the company has already started the trial production of the iPhone 13 smartphone in the Hon Hai plant located in Chennai and the mass production for the same would be initiated by February next year.

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Also, around 20-30% of the production in India will also be exported to the global market. It could mean that Indian consumers could get a lower price on the iPhone 13 as the local production would decrease the cost. Apart from the iPhone 13, the new iPhone SE is also expected to be produced in the same plant on a mass scale. Since the base variant and the mini variant of the iPhone are the most popular in India, these two variants will be the one that the company will focus on.


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