iPhone SE production starts in India

A few months back Apple confirmed that they will start the production of their Apple devices in India. Finally, the company has started the production of the iPhone SE model in India. However, as per the leaked details, the production might have started from June itself. But it has been confirmed that the production has only started in the month of August. The iPhone SE was launched in the month of March earlier this year and since then has been available in the Indian market at a price tag of Rs 38, 900. 

However, a few days back the price of the handset was discounted on an online e-commerce store Flipkart to Rs 35,999. Now since the local production of the iPhone SE model has started in India, it is expected that the price of the smartphone will decrease even further. The smartphones that have been made right now, will be available in the Indian stores in a couple of months. The company is also looking forward to producing iPhone 12 in the market after it has been launched. 

Producing multiple iPhones and Apple devices will save the company 20% import duty that they have to pay over their phones, leading to an increase in price. Since the company will be assembling the phone in India from now on, they will be saving on a lot of costs, leading to much cheaper devices in the Indian market. The company is also looking at the prospects of manufacturing other Apple devices in India for the future.

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