iPhones can now recognize a song simply with a tap

A few months back, news started coming in that Apple is working on new tech that will allow the iPhone to identify a song by simply listening to it. The feature is very similar to the Shazam app that allowed the user to identify the song with a single tap. Apple acquired Shazam in 2018 at the cost of $400 million and has now started to use the functionalities of the platform on their iPhone. Now with the new features being added to the iPhone, the users will be able to tap and recognize the song they have been playing. 

The feature has been added to all the variants of the iPhone that is currently running on the iOS version 14.2. To activate the settings for the same one simply has to go to Setting and click on the General tab. Once there, simply click on a software update to update to iOS 14.2 version. Once updated, Open settings once again and go to the Control Center. Scroll down and select the More option, under which you will be able to find the “Music Recognition” option. Once you tap the + icon next to it, it will automatically be added to the control center for instant access. 

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The feature will work when you are playing the song on the phone as well as when you are listening to it on headphones. Apart from this feature in Shazam, there are a lot of different and new features that continue to develop in the same way and will also allow Apple to add more features to the iPhone.

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