Leaks for new iPhone 12 display has appeared

iPhone 12 launch is just around the corner and the leaks for the phone do not seem to stop anytime before the release. recently a new leak has been provided online where it seems like Apple is still not going to get rid of the huge notch on the front of the display. It means that the company will continue to use the same kind of screen in this year’s iPhone as well, which was earlier visible in older iPhones. The images have been leaked on Twitter by “Mr. White“, who has in past leaked a lot of iPhone images, including the popular A14 bionic chipset.

The image shown by him on Twitter seems to be the iPhone 12 panel. The image immediately got removed from the Twitter platform but was captured by many before it happened. The leaks also confirmed that the phone has the same Face ID size. The consumers were expecting a kind of design change for the front panel of the iPhone, where the top-notch has remained the same since the launch of past series. Also, some reports suggested that in the future, Apple would not have a notch, which is sometime after 2021.

As other phone manufacturers in Android are reducing the bezel and notch size in their phones, there has always been an expectation from Apple that they would offer something similar to their iPhone customers as well. With the latest leak, it does not seem like the same is going to happen with this year’s iPhone.


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