Researchers found a serious vulnerability in Alexa devices

Amazon Alexa is a great AI voice assistant and has been full of features useful for everyone. However, the product and service are not without its flaws. Recently the researchers for Check Point have uncovered a new flaw in Amazon Alexa that can leave the personal information of the user at a large risk. Although the vulnerability has already been patched by Amazon, it was still a threat for users where the hackers could easily hijack the voice assistant devices using various malicious Amazon Link.

Once the user access that link, hackers will be able to remove and add apps from the Alexa device. Also, the hack would allow them to access the voice history of the users and their personal and banking information as well. Although the issue had been resolved but the company has never come out with any information on it and also has not replied to the comments. As per researchers, this is just one vulnerability that is present int the AI devices at home.

With a large number of such devices and homes turning into smart homes using these AI devices, more threats are wandering around to be discovered by the companies. A while back there was also a complaint with Alexa devices where the voice recording of the user was sent by Alexa to someone on the contact list as a message. These devices hold the personal data of all the users and are a key thing in controlling the devices at our home. It would provide the right opportunity for hackers who are looking for such entry points into one’s home.

The hackers try to access all their personal details, conversation, actions, etc using these devices. Amazon has clarified that their Alexa Smart AI assistant is completely safe and any issue or problems have already been fixed. Also, the company is working further to strengthen its existing platform to safeguard their customer.


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