Microsoft announced their first Windows Feature Experience Pack for Windows 10

Microsoft has released the first Windows Feature Experience Pack for Windows 10, which has been created to deliver smaller feature improvements outside of major Windows 10 feature updates. Now, these features have not been created inside Windows 10 using its components. In fact, the new features have been created independently by the developers. The Windows experience pack basically has two major features with Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.1070.0 as the code. Now the user can opt to have these features and simply install it as an update. Therefore, it is not mandatory for users to install them. The features are:

You can now use the built-in screen snipping experience in Windows (WIN + SHIFT + S) to create a snip of your screen and paste it directly into a folder of your choice in File Explorer to save the screenshot there. 

Using the touch keyboard in a portrait posture on a 2-in-1 touch device now supports split keyboard mode.

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As per the official statement from Microsoft, “smaller updates will eventually get folded into “the already existing servicing process for Windows 10 and delivered to customers that way through Windows Update“. These features have been built and will be provided to the users just like builds and cumulative updates. Before this, Microsoft delivered two major updates in a year, but now the company will be providing the users with smaller updates like these which can be easily downloaded and installed. It is also expected that the next updates on Windows will add support for Android apps.

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