Microsoft blocks EdgeDeflector on Windows 11 and forcing users to open link on Edge browser

When it comes to an operating system, there is no doubt that WIndows has been the best and among the most popular ones. However, one feature in which Microsoft has always lagged is the web browser. Earlier it was the internet explorer web browser that was replaced by options like Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and more. Due to this, Microsoft replaced the internet explorer browser with Edge which was supposed to provide the users with performance, as they expect in Chrome or Firefox browsers. Although Microsoft Edge is better than Internet Explorer and has improved a lot, it is still not a primary choice among users. Most of them still prefer to use Google Chrome.

However, it seems like Windows 11 is having some problems with third-party browsers. As per the latest update, Microsoft has decided to block third-party app EdgeDeflector on Windows 11. The purpose of this app was to allow the users to open the links in other browsers like Chrome, Opera instead of Microsoft Edge. Now, the users will have the option of Microsoft Edge only to open URLs. The block on EdgeDeflector was thought of as a bug earlier.

However, Microsoft has now confirmed that they have blocked it intentionally and future updates will stop all apps from using the Microsoft Edge protocol links. As per Daniel Aleksandersen, who is the developer of EdgeDeflector, the company is now prioritizing ads, bundleware, and subscriptions over users’ productivity. Recently, companies like Mozilla and Brave also announced that they will be developing changes similar to EdgeDeflector, but these will also be blocked in Windows 11 updates in the future.


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