Microsoft Edge brings in in-built coupon and promo code features for online shopping.

Microsoft Edge has been constantly trying to add a lot of new features and optimize the performance of the new browser to gain more users when compared to the more popular browsers in the market. In an effort to make the browsing experience better than before, Microsft Edge is adding a new coupon feature to the browser today. The new feature will allow coupons and promo codes to appear inside the Microsft Edge browser and alert the user when shopping online. At the time of checkout, the coupon code will automatically be applied to your basket.

It’s not only the discount but the new feature also allows the users to compare different products for price and the browser will not be able to surface different retailers that might offer items at lower prices. The Price comparison feature came to the browser just a few weeks ago which will now be integrated with the coupon and promo feature. As per Microsoft, these features will make Microsoft Edge one of the preferred choices for users while shopping online.

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Currently, the feature for coupons and promos will only be available to US users and will slowly expand to other parts of the country after other global companies associated with this. The company is also adding a new feature that would be beneficial for the users and will have the ability to annotate and add text notes to PDFs. The users will now be able to digitally ink and annotate screenshots. Also, now the users will also be able to capture the entire webpage in a screenshot through the browser.


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