Microsoft launches unified app for iPad

Microsoft has today announced the arrival of an all-in-one Office app for iPad which would allow the users to use multiple Microsoft tools on the iOS device. The new Microsoft unified Office app provides the users with access to a suite of all productivity software on Apple’s tablet. The app was previously available for both iOS and Android. However, with the growing popularity, the company is planning to expand the service even further. With the new app, it brings Microsoft’s most popular apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) together into a single application.

It would also create features to create PDFs, sign documents, and more. As per what Microsoft defined this feature is, “simple, integrated experience that puts the tools you need for working on a mobile device at the forefront of the experience. We started by combining the existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint mobile apps into a single app,” Microsoft said when it launched the unified Office on iPhone. “Doing so brings all of your Office documents together in one place, reduces the need to switch between multiple apps, and significantly reduces the amount of space on your phone compared to multiple installed apps.””

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With Apple iPad becoming more of an alternative for computer systems and laptops, it might be seen as the right decision from Microsoft. With time, we might see some more improved and new features in the unified app, which would help the users to access all the tools from the account. However, for that, you need a Microsoft 365 subscription at $6.99 or $9.99/ per month for individuals or families.

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