Microsoft Teams to get a “Top Hits” feature for improved search results

Microsoft Teams will soon get a new feature on their platform which will be called “Top Hits“. The feature is basically meant to refine and make the search on Teams more efficient. The new feature will provide the users with more relevant search results for chats, people, files, and other things on the platform. Microsoft has confirmed that the new feature will be released in the month of September. However, the feature will only be available for desktop clients on both the Windows and Mac platforms. 

The company has also confirmed that the feature is still under development and will be complete before its launch in September. It will not only decrease the time while searching but will auto-list the most relevant search results as well. The same feature will also be added to the mobile platform in the future. The company is making great progress in terms of users when compared to similar platforms like theirs. They have also registered 250 million monthly active users on Teams, which is still increasing. 

Due to this, the company has been trying to add a lot more efficient tools, to make it competitive against others. Apart from these features, Teams is also expected to get some new elements when used on new Windows 11. Microsoft has re-designed new components for the platform on Windows 11 which will make it a complete tool for both professionals and personal users. They are also going to integrate a lot of new third-party services into Teams as well.


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