Microsoft warns Android users about new Ransomware.

Malware has been one of the biggest threats for android smartphones and is something Google has been constantly monitoring to remove such apps. A few days back Google removed 34 such apps from the Play Store which were found to infect the user’s device with Malware. However, this time, it’s Microsoft that is alerting the Android users about the new bug. As per Microsoft, the new ransomware is targeting Android users and is called MalLocker.B. The malware or ransomware is said to be spreading through online forums and websites. 

The bug was also found hidden in many malicious Android apps. Therefore, Microsoft has advised the users not to download any kind of such app on their smartphones from a third-party website. The ransomware prevents the users from accessing the phone screen, making the device permanently unavailable for the users. Unlike other ransomware, this does not encrypt the device but freezes the screen with a message that claims to be from a law enforcement agency and asks for a fine to unlock the screen. 

The ransomware gets activated when an incoming call comes on the device. Also, when the user presses the home button or the recent app button, the screen will get locked with a message. Microsoft has also confirmed that the new ransomware does not block access to the files but the device’s locked message on the screen will appear on every other window. The only prevention from this type of ransomware is to avoid downloading any software from external sources on the web.

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