Netflix ties-up with Jio to gain more users in India.

Netflix has been trying to expand its reach among the users by integrating with various other services, through where the users will be able to use the streaming services. Now it seems that Netflix has figured out a deal with Indian Telecom giant Jio to bundle its services with Jio’s fixed broadband service and free access to users who opt for a data plan starting from $20 a month. As per the estimates, the company is looking at almost 25 million customers by the end of the year 2020 and a big contribution would be coming from India, which is 9% of Netflix’s global revenue.

The partnership with Jio has been initiated in September, to offer a free mobile-only subscription to post-paid subscribers for plans starting at $5.3 per month, with the option to upgrade the plan as well. The integration was tested in July this year with $4.7/month for a “mobile plusplan in India, which allowed HD streaming on mobile devices and laptops. With the increasing users in India and revenue of ₹923.7 crore and net profit of ₹8.9 crores in FY20, it seems that the integration with Jio is going to further increase their market share in the Indian market for streaming services.

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Apart from Jio, the company has also tied up with various other streaming services and product manufacturers like Fire TV stick from Amazon, Gaming consoles, and more. The expansion of services in the global market has been a great setup for Netflix and this deal is going to take it even further.


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