Netflix might come with a new streaming plan in India

Netflix is one of the best and the most popular streaming apps in India, with more users on its platform than all others combined. Currently, Netflix works on India’s subscription plan, where the user has to pay a monthly amount based on the plan they have selected. It has recently been found that Netflix might be working on a new subscription plan, specifically for India, where the focus will be on smartphones and laptops. Currently, Netflix is the most widely used app on the mobile platform, adding the same for Laptop, will not only increase the user base but will also give the users a chance to upgrade their plan and view it on the bigger screen. 

The details reveal that the new plan will be called Mobile Plus, which will provide HD quality content to the user, with computers as permitted devices along with their smartphones. The plan’s expected price can be Rs349 per month, which seems to be cheaper than the lower quality basic tier.

The same details were spotted by AndroidPure (via TechCrunch), where the plan would provide a maximum streaming quality of 720p resolution. Although it does provide users with an additional option, it is still higher in cost when compared to the other streaming services in India.  Disney Plus Hotstar’s Premium tier comes in at Rs 299/month, which is lower than Netflix’s Mobile+ tier. 

Also, Amazon Prime Video is the lowest in price at Rs 129 per month compared to Netflix. Netflix has over 200 million users in the US, but they are still facing some fierce competition in the Indian Market. It will be interesting to see if Netflix comes up with the Mobile Plus plan at the same price or a discounted price for the long term. However, the company has to consider the price war if they are looking to attract new customers.

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