New CAD renders leaked for Samsung S21 and S21 Ultra.

A few weeks back Samsung launched their new Galaxy 20 series of smartphones, which is one of their most powerful smartphone series yet. However, just days after the launch, leaks, and rumors started coming out regarding the Samsung S21 and its 21+ models. Although the phone is only in the designing stage right now, new CAD renders of the phone show a lot of new details and designs for the new series. The new CAD renders of the S21 and S21 Ultra shows the 3D schematics of the phone. 

The renders reveal that both the phones will share the same camera sensor, but will have a fancier setup on the Ultra model. The smartphones will also retain the same screen that is available on Samsung S20+, but the difference will be brought through a flat panel, making the phone look much wider than before. Also, it is expected that the new models will have a bigger battery as well, expected at 4,800mAh, from the previous 4,500mAh. 

The models will continue with the same 25W fast charging, which was already leaked a few days back. The front will have a single centered punch hole for the camera and a USB C charging slot. It is expected that the company will be announcing the phone in the month of January next year, with the sales starting for the phone from February. The phone will undoubtedly be bringing new features. One of the leaked features was for the next generation of Galaxy Fold, which will have a LED strip on the hinge.


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