Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is going to cost more than the $2000 mark

For now, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is far away from launch in the smartphone market, but the details of the phone have started coming in. The new details focus more on the price of the smartphone which is going to make it one of the costliest phones from Samsung. The details that have been leaked hints that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 could be priced at more than $2000. The phone would be exactly the same in terms of design when we compare it with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 but will certainly have new features, optimizations, and improvements over the previous generation. 

This also seems to fit the current goal of the company where they are not working on making the phones cheaper but making them feature-rich. Samsung has been consistently trying to make the user experience better and much more engaging than before, due to which they have been adding a lot of new and unique features both to the hardware and software. It is the main reason why recent smartphones have been priced heavily. 

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Also, since there is very little competition in the foldable phone market, it does not make any sense for Samsun to lower down its price. However, in the next couple of years, we will be seeing foldable phones from Xiaomi, LG, Apple, and more, which can lead the giant to make the phones cost a bit less. But for now, it seems that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 would be crossing the $2000 mark for sure.


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