New Chat head bubble feature coming on Telegram

Telegram has been active with new features been rolled out and many of them in development for the newer version of the application. This week has been busy for the app developers as they have added a whole bunch of new features, making the App much easier to use. Another new feature has been reported in the beta version of the app 6.3, where the company is testing chat bubbles for Android messages.

The feature is not yet public to any Telegram users and is hidden in the debug menu until fully developed. However, you can still access the feature from the debug menu. The feature will be available on the device with the Android 10+ version and can be enabled using a long press on the app version in Settings of Telegram until you see (¯_(ツ)_/¯) emoji.

Once the emoji appears, long-pressing the app version again will bring the debug menu. There you will see the option to enable the Chat bubble option. The feature was also noted by XDA developers and found that the feature crashes on Pixel 4 devices and ROG phone 3. It is expected as the feature is still in development and the beta version.

It is also expected that features will be added in time for launch in the Android 11 version. Telegram has been working to bring many new features, and more features similar to Whatsapp, which can make the App more preferred as the primary communication app. One thing is for sure that we will see a lot of new features in the App.


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