New iMac coming this week

Many Apple users expected the company to launch a range of devices in the event later this year. However, it seems that we might see an additional launch this week. The expected device is the new iMac, which is expected to launch anytime this week. The iMac will be upgraded in hardware, but do not expect to see any changes in the system’s design. The outer chassis is going to remain the same as the previous generation. The details reveal that the new intel-powered iMac would be released now, as expected to be revealed in the  WWDC 2020 event.

It was also rumored that Apple might build its chipset and use them in the new iMac and Macbooks. However, since the company has not announced the hardware and chipset, they will continue to use the Intel chipset configuration. Also, an unannounced iMac with a 10-core Intel i9 CPU and Radeon Pro 5300 GPU appeared in Geekbench testing results earlier this month, which is expected to launch alongside the new iMac or later in coming days.

The launch date could be guessed this week as the leaked details for the new iMac are showing as “ready to ship“, which means that the product is ready to be sold in Apple stores. The details came from the Twitter account @L0vetodream, which seemed to be accurate.

The chassis will also remain the same for intel powered iMacs as it is expected that the new design will be brought in after the company starts using the Apple Silicon processors. It makes perfect sense as the new chipset, and the new design of the iMac will inspire the users to upgrade their old iMac. Lastly, there has been another rumor about the discontinuation of the Fusion Drive in favor of an iMac lineup that includes SSD storage across the board and Apple’s T2 security chip.


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