Apple Online store finally opens in India.

Apple finally has good news for its fans in India. The company has finally launched its first India dedicated online store starting from today. This is the first time that Apple has directly launched its online store in India for 20 long years of operating here. The platform will allow Apple to directly sell their products to the consumer. The company made the announcement on Wednesday about its official launch of the Apple online store, which will be offering the consumers the entire product lineup for sale. 

Apart from the normal Apple products, the company will also be offering a wide range of services to the consumers directly which makes India the 38th market for Apple, where the online stores have been launched. With the launch, the Indian consumers now purchase AppleCare+ and also access the trade-in program to get a discount on new hardware purchases. These features were only available in other countries like the US. The consumers will also get access to customer support channels through chats and voice calls, which would assist the customer before they make the purchase. 

The biggest feature will be where the customer will be allowed to order a customized version of iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and other Mac computers. Apple Stores will start providing offers and payment convenience for the customer by paying in EMI’s. Apple is now looking forward to launching its first offline store in India next year which will definitely bring bigger deals for the Indian Consumers.

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