Apple offered half fee for Amazon Prime videos to get them on iOS and Apple TV

Apple has been trying to add more streaming services to the Apple TV right from the time it was launched. As per recently leaked details, Apple offered Amazon lower App Store fees to stream the Prime Video app on the App Store and Apple TV. The information was found from the documents published by the U.S. antitrust subcommittee. Apple usually takes 30% of the revenue from app developers on the App Store platform.

However, as per the offer provided by them to Amazon, they will be taking 15% of the subscription revenue share, half the amount for what Apple normally charges other apps. Amazon is one of the most popular streaming services globally and brings it to the iOS platform, and the App Store would mean a large amount of revenue for Apple.

The document also revealed that the Amazon Prime video app on the App Store and Apple TV would get Siri support. A user can say “Watch (Show name)“, and he will automatically be taken to Amazon prime show. Since Apple TV was directly competing with Amazon Fire TV stick, as being a similar product, it was not made available on the iOS platform. Also, Amazon was not happy with the business terms earlier provided by Apple. However, the deal struck at 15%; Apple was finally able to bring Amazon Prime Video to its platform. Although the details have been revealed after so long, the two giants, who are also direct competitors, finally agreed to work for mutual benefits.


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