iPhone 12 lineup to be released in two stages

It was earlier estimated that the release of the iPhone 12 might be delayed till November this year due to the supply chain issue where Apple cannot get the component supply on time due to pandemic. Another news that has come into the picture now is that the tech giant will roll out the devices in two different stages due to the supply delay and problem. The information was provided by Digitimes which claims that Apple will launch its two 6.1 inch iPhones, and during the second stage, it will roll out 6.7 inches and 5.4 inch iPhones.

Although, there is still no confirmed information as to which iPhone variants would be released, it seems that the first stage would release iPhone 12 and pro models, while the second stage will release the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 lite version. The production of the iPhone 12 will see a delay of about four weeks, after which it will peak back to what is expected.

Apple seems to face a lot of issues recently due to the delay in getting the components. Many new things are expected for Apple, and even companies Mediatek is waiting for Apple to release its devices so that the sales for its new 5G chipset start.

Apple’s major event for the unfolding of these devices was expected in September and later expected to be delayed until November. The sources claim that the event could be held in October, which seems to be good news for Apple customers and fanboys.


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