New “Precise Location” feature in iOS 14 grants approximate location access

iOS 14 is still under a lot of optimization but there are a lot of features in the OS that are unique and really helpful for the user. A new feature from Apple in iOS 14 has been introduced which would allow apps to get the precise location of your using the Location services. The new toggle feature will give the user more control over apps and how they use the location for the user. Before iOS 14, you could allow the app to use the location services to use the feature for tracking while the app is open or always.

It allowed the application to get the precise and exact coordinates of the users and where they are. Not all apps on the iPhone require the user’s exact location and can work with the area they are in. In iOS 14, this feature allows the user to allow the app to either have the exact location of the user or just the area they are. Also, the location service will only use the tracking feature when allowed by the user. The tracking features are mostly used in Maps, and not required in other apps. An example of it can be the weather app, that does not require tracking you but simply needs to know the area you are in to check the weather details.

This feature will allow the users to give minimum location information to the developers of the app, which is required for the apps to function. Now even if you allow the location services for an app, they will not be able to spot your precise location unless you select the option in iOS 14. The “Precise Location” toggle button can be found while permitting the app to use location service. The setting can be accessed from Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.


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