The new iOS 14.2 feature allows blind or low vision people to detect people around them.

When it comes to Apple, they do try to provide iPhone users with features that are unique and are built to make their life easier. One such example is the LiDAR sensor which not only helps to take much better photos in the dark but also helps professionals in designing. Now Apple is adding another set of features to the iPhone in its iOS version 14.2, where it will help people with blind or low vision. The phone will have the ability to see people who are coming closer. 

The feature has already gone live for many iPhone and iPad users on Thursday and will be rolled out to other countries as well. The LiDAR sensor is what plays an important role in this. It detects how close other people are to the user, a feature Apple has named “People Detection“”. Since LiDAR uses a Depth sensor that helps in augmented reality apps, it also serves as an eye of self-driving cars. Apple is now trying to use the same technology to help people with vision problems navigate properly.

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In case a person is walking on the sidewalk, the feature can let them know whether someone is coming close to them to avoid a collision, or simply alert the person to move ahead in the queue. The feature will work up to 15 feet away and anyone in the iPhone 12 Pro’s wide-angle camera view can be detected by the feature. It will tell the user the distance between the iPhone user and the person closest to them. 


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