New Upload location and icon coming for Youtube on Mobile

Youtube has been introducing some cool features recently. From the new UI design to improvement and addition to the streaming quality, Youtube has been busy in providing a better engagement and video playback on their app. The company has hinted that it might be working on a new upload button for the mobile app, which will have a different placement location.

As per the company, the changes will be very subtle and will not bring a major change to the UI, but it will make it easier for users to upload their video on Youtube. As per their support forum, Youtube mentioned that “They are currently working on a new spot for uploading vides and a new look for the app.

Also, the upload button’s placement was not found to be intuitive so that the new icon will be tested initially with a few users. The new icon will be in the middle of the bottom bar in the testing phase, with a “+” sign. With this addition, the Subscription feed will move to the right. When it comes to notifications, it will move on to the top navigation bar, as it is on the website. The functionality of this icon will not be changed and will remain the same.

Youtube also made a few changes to the video quality settings in the past and added a “Top Comment” feature in the Comments section. Users can expect many new and different features from Youtube, which can be featured in the new looking UI.


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