OnePlus 8T to come with a killer battery upgrade.

OnePlus 8T is on the way to be released in a few days but has been making a lot of noise due to the powerful specs that it will be providing. The specs of OnePlus 8T and Pro models are not a secret and have already been leaked online by many different sources. Therefore, customers know what to expect from them. However, the latest details that have been leaked about the phone was totally unexpected and will make the new smartphone one of the best in its category. The company is all set to add a big charging update on the new model which is potentially a twin charging system. 

The charging feature is not available on any smartphone in the market year and the teaser from OnePlus 8T shows the company’s Warp Charging powering up a pair of batteries. It is the same technology Oppo has been working on for a long time now and has been able to provide SuperVOOC charging technology based on it. Since both the companies share the manufacturing line, it seems that the new tech will be passed on to OnePlus 8T models as well. 

In theory, it would have two smaller batteries instead of a single big battery and will charge each of them separately. This would allow the phone to charge faster and not get heated up at the same time. With the twin charging feature, the company can leave behind the charging technology they have been using in their previous phones, making the new 8T series even better. Also, this will give the OnePlus 8T and Pro model the edge over other phones in the same segment.


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