OnePlus new smart “Wotch” will have a circular design.

A few days back it was reported that OnePlus is currently in the development of a smartwatch which will be their first product offering in the segment. Apart from premium smartphones, the company is now looking to diversify into mid-range and low range smartphones, along with different other devices such as wearables and audio devices. Now as per the new details from Max J teases, the design of the new OnePlus watch would be circular in shape. Although most of the Android-powered smartwatches are round in shape, the one in rectangle shape gives more area of contact to the customer. 

Therefore, using the circular design may seem to be a surprise for OnePlus. After Oppo launches it’s square or rectangle design watch, it was expected that OnePlus is going to take the same approach as the companies are associated with. However, using a different design seems to be a step by OnePlus to keep the presence of the brand unique. Now there is no official confirmation or news about the watch or has the development of the watch is completed. 

However, it is a possibility that the new OnePlus smartwatch can launch either with the launch of OnePlus 8T or the OnePlus 9. However, until the official news or announcement comes in, we can expect more reveals and leaks about the watch to come in the future. Meanwhile, the company is also working on a new smartphone, codenamed “Clover”, which will be its new budget smartphone at around $200.

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