New Feature leaked for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung’s People eagerly await Samsung’s annual event on August 5 as it is going to be the launching ground for new Samsung devices. Among those,  Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is also expected to launch on the same day. The watch details have been leaked months before, and it was already expected that the watch could be placed along with the Galaxy S20 range of devices.

However, more information about the device has been leaked a week ahead of its official launch. As per the details, Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin app, which is said to have many features and provides information on what the watch will be able to do.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will support hand gestures, something new that the company has to offer in this segment. According to Samsung, “the watch’s sensors are sensitive enough to detect hand movements reliably, which means you can answer calls by clenching and unclenching your fist”.

Also, the user can shake their hand to ignore any incoming call. The watch will also bring in a new feature that was added to the Apple Watch as well. In this feature, if your watch falls, it will continuously ring for 60 seconds, and if the user does not respond, it will send the location to emergency contact with a five-second sound recording. It is called the fall detection feature.

The new watch will also allow the user to take a screenshot by simply pressing both the watch’s keys together. Lastly, the company will be launching the smartwatch in nine different variants, which will start from $400, with the range going up to $600. The watch is also said to add a better sleep tracker and more features, that could be a part of the future software updates.


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