Xiaomi to launch Mi Watch Lite soon.

Recently leaked details hints that Xiaomi might soon be launching a new smartwatch which will be a lighter version and will come at a very cheap price. Xiaomi released their Mi watch last year, however, this year they will be launching the lighter version of the watch to make it much more affordable. Xiaomi is looking out to increase and expand its range of smartwatches to create a better and bigger ecosystem of their devices. 

The same has also been confirmed by Xiaomi that they are working on a cheaper version of the watch and will soon be available in the coming months. The new lighter version of the watch has passed the Chinese authorities and supports 5V / 0.4A charging. A few days back there was news that a smartwatch can be launched under the Redmi brand. However, it is not confirmed that the new Redmi watch and Mi Watch lite are the same things. The name of the watch could be changed as per the market they are launched in geographically. 

Any specification and features of the watch have not been leaked or informed about yet. However, it is expected that the watch will have a weaker version of the processor used in the original Mi Watch. The watch could also include a lot of new elements such as an e-sim module, built-in microphone, or integrated Wifi interface. It can also have NFC support as well. In the meanwhile, everyone is waiting for the event announcement where they will release the watch.


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